with Eric Zechman & Lou Keniley

December 8th

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    Serving the community as an umdze and/or gatekeeper is a rewarding practice opportunity.

    An “umdze” is the time keeper or chant leader for sitting meditation. Being an umdze is an opportunity to deepen your own practice while also serving others. Umdzes are welcome to take their seat at Sunday and Wednesday sittings.

    The “gatekeeper” welcomes those coming to sit and keeps a watchful eye on the post/pre meditation hall (PMH).  They also distribute chant books and make the tea offering. 

    Whether you are currently an umdze who wants to develop further in your practice or you want to learn the view, how to umdze and understand the basic shrine room forms: uplifting the space, shrine set up, chants and time keeping, you are invited to attend this training.


    We will discuss updates to the time keeping role to help make it more accessible to more people and will also set up mentorships for those who would like more support to begin serving in this role. Those who have already taken umdze training are strongly encouraged to attend for a refresher on the view and practice as well as an update on new forms.


    The training is open to members who have held a regular meditation practice for a minimum of six months.  It is free of charge but please preregister below.


    Please join us in learning how to create a supportive environment for meditators. There is no obligation to become an umdze after the training but we encourage you to do so.  Together we can build a community that abides in the "cradle of loving kindness." We hope to see you there!


    Facilitators:  Eric Zechman and Lou Keniley.