with Suzanne Powell

December 7th

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Maximum of 10 Participants.  Please Register Early.   

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Do you experience discomfort when sitting?  Are you interested in a more embodied meditation?  How we inhabit our bodies during sitting meditation beneficially contributes to the overall quality of wakefulness in our practice.

“When I first began seated meditation as a lifelong practice, my body would ache. This recurring distraction prevented my ability to let go further into the practice. After I began working with an Alexander Teacher who helped me dissolve postural habits that were causing strain, I was able to relax more, and I soon realized for myself that awakenment comes with embodiment. I understood that mind and body are spacious, awareness itself.” Suzanne Landiss Powell

When we are working with our body, we are working with our mind.

Scientists in the Alexander Technique community have recently affirmed that our postural system is unconscious and can be affected in a beneficial way by the mind. Therefore, in working with posture, we learn how to undo the conscious holding of our outer muscles that are interfering with the proper use of the unconscious inner postural muscles. We use relaxing into non-doing as a catalyst for postural change supported by a powerful set of directional releases in order to release unnecessary holding patterns in our mind and body.

In this workshop, we will intersperse seated meditation and group postural instruction with experiential Alexander-based anatomy lessons. As a highly skilled Alexander Technique teacher, Suzanne will assist you with a gentle, hands-on guidance that was passed down through her lineage of teachers.

We will have lunch out together and will provide a tea and snack break in the afternoon. 


About the Teacher:

Suzanne Landiss Powell has been a student and teacher of mind-body disciplines for nine years. She works from the understanding that compassionate self-awareness sets the ground for transformation. She began her teacher trainings in both Hatha yoga and yoga nidra meditation. Within weeks of discovering the Shambhala path, Suzanne began training in the Alexander Technique. She continually enjoys experiencing the many ways in which these two traditions complement each other. She now teaches the Alexander Technique full-time and is a Shambhala Guide Educator.