Mamo Chants: Clearing Out Our Karma for a Fresh Start

January 25th—February 3rd

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    Shambhala Day, this year on February 5th, marks the end of one year's lunar cycle and the beginning of a new one. This particular protector chant invoking feminine protectors is done to pacify personal, social, and environmental chaos.  The end of the year is said to be a time fraught with obstacles, which makes it a good time to practice and tune into the protector principle of awareness and go into the New Year with a fresh and open outlook. All students are encouraged to practice as much as possible in the period just before Shambhala Day. In particular, students are encouraged to recite the Mamo Chant together beginning eleven days before Shambhala Day.

    Mamo Chants will happen every evening beginning Friday, January 25 through Sunday, February 3 in Drala Hall (upstairs).

    The Mamo Chant is an elaborate protector offering traditionally recited from the twentieth through the twenty-ninth days of the last lunar month of the Tibetan year. By reciting the chant, we tune into the protector principle of awareness and reconnect with sacred outlook. The day before Shambhala Day is considered neutral and is a traditional time to clean and refresh one's home and shrines in preparation for the coming year.

    More information about this practice and protector principle will be provided at the start of the practice.

    All are welcome.