Umdze Training

with Lou Keniley

May 12th

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    All are invited to attend this training for those interested in the role of umdze at the Albuquerque Shambhala Center. This program will include the view of staffing, uplifting the space, shrine set up, chants, time keeping, and working together as a community. 

    Please join us in learning how to create a supportive environment for meditators and Shambhala teachers and students. Together we can build a community that abides in the "cradle of loving kindness."
    Those who have already taken umdze training are strongly encouraged to attend, for a refresher on the view and practice as well as an update on new forms.
    There is no fee for this program.

    Lunch will be provided by participants from the morning staffing training at noon, if you arrive early!  You may also want to register for the staffing and coordinator training offered in the morning and make a day of it!

    All are invited to attend this training. Prerequisite for umdze role:  Completion of Shambhala Training Level III and a regular meditation practice for a minimum of six months.