Shambhala Sadhana Practice in Drala Hall

April 19th

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    In May,  Albuquerque Shambhala will be giving up Drala Hall upstairs in our center.  We are unable to afford the extra space and the council recently made the difficult decision to let it go. Everyone is invited to say good bye to Drala Hall with the Shambhala Sadhana practice.

    The Shambhala Sadhana is a way to celebrate and strengthen our understanding of basic goodness and enlightened society. This remarkable practice also serves as a way to bind the Shambhala community in kinship, vision, loyalty, and delight.

    All center members are invited to practice the Shambhala Sadhana together as a group.

    Practice begins at 6:00 and concludes by 7:15 PM