ASMC Steering Team

Dear community,

This past spring we met as a community and agreed to adopt a “community-lead” leadership model at our center, diverging from the traditional directorship. An interim leadership team, consisting of Lou Keniley and Colleen Cummins, was put in place to help us transition. Their term will be drawing to a close this fall. With that foremost in mind and a desire to not only be transparent with our governing body’s decisions, but also to be impeccable with our word, we, as a council, are initiating the search for and implementing a process of electing a more long-standing steering team. The roles and responsibilities of these individuals are enumerated at the end of this email.

With this letter, we are opening up a search for candidates for our leadership steering team. Those candidates will meet the criteria listed below and commit to a 1-3 year term of service. We are asking for those with interest to submit a letter of intent. Please include in your letter information regarding your current practice and historical involvement with our center and the Shambhala lineage. Also, please include a sense of your leadership style in general and your goals and vision for our center specifically. Please submit it by email to

Please submit your letter by August 31, 2019. If you’d like to nominate someone, please submit their name to either Lou or Colleen before the end of July, so that we can reach out to them.

Candidates’ letters will be published to the community in the month of September, elections will be held in October, and the new team will be in place by November. Exact dates have yet to be determined.

Criteria for candidacy:

            Albuqerque Shambhala Meditation Center Member

            Have a sustaining meditation practice

Roles and Responsibilities:

·      Holds the View

·      Cultivates a kind, generous culture

·      Communicates value, mission and vision of Shambhala

·      Provides direct support to ‘Seats’ and ‘Teams’

·      Facilitates decision-making, Sets Priorities and Goals with ‘Seats’ & Teams

·      Communicates closely with Chagdzo to ensure quality control of financial effort and stability

·      Motivates and Organizes

·      Monitors Database access and Website access

·      Schedules and Holds Council and Community Meetings

·      Emails/Communicates to Members/Friends

·      Incoming Voicemail Messages

·      Incoming Email Messages

·      Maintains relationships with other centers, groups and entities in the region

·      Serves as principal link between our center and higher governing bodies of the mandala

Thank you for being involved and participating in this process either by leaning into leadership, nominating another, and certainly by casting your vote in the fall.

With much appreciation,

Colleen Cummins and Lou Keniley

Interim Steering Team


following are the charts that were created during our original meeting concerning the new leadership of the Albuquerque Shambhala Meditation Center (ASMC)

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